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Mosaic Style Painting

I have always been fascinated by the Greek and Roman mosaics and had always wanted to try to create one but the process seems daunting and very technical.

so instead of jumping into something that i was not technically trained to do, I decided to add a mosaic accent to one of my paintings. The plan was to just add it to certain parts of the paintings. but as i started the process took a life of its own. it became almost meditative and before long i had created a mosaic patter on the whole painting.

We The People - Drawing

We The People - Detail

We The People - Detail

i started out by painting in my traditional style and colors, the plan was to just create a mosaic patter as accents areas... the painting above is 4'x6' so limiting the experiment to those areas seemed manageable. but every time i finished the mosaic pattern in one are the rest of the painting seemed unfinished so i just kept on drawing those little squares.

We The People

after about 3 months of working on the painting I had completely covered the whole thing in this pattern. I really liked the result but felt my bright colors had been flattened out by all the little black lines, so I started painting over some of the squares in different shades of the base color to give everything a little more depth. a month or so later I was happy with the results and felt like the painting was finished.

Not bad for 4 months of work. i now love creating this mosaic style paintings they take much longer but the end result is very gratifying. I've started doing smaller ones...the ones below are 24'x24". but i want to go back and do a larger one again.

Martini Series Mosaic

Martini Series Mosaic

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