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Born in Honduras, Central America, his fascination with art started at a very young age. He would spend countless hours tracing my favorite comic book characters into onion skinned tracing paper, and selling them to my cousins and friends. When he immigrated to the United states at age 11 he found that he found that he still loved drawing and painting. And as he grew older and started to learn about art, and artist his desire to develop his talent grew.  he became fascinated by the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and the Mayan wall painting, the works of the Mexican muralist, the folk artist his home country, Modern American artist and graffiti art.

The subject matter of his work ranges from concepts of voyeurism, perception of beauty, human Interaction, social consciousness, politics, current events, fantasy vs reality, Appropriation of imagery and newspaper advertisements re imagined to change the narrative of the image.   

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