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A work in Progress!

I started working the drawing for this painting a few months ago. i was having a hard time getting motivated to work. the final drawing is a compilation of a bunch of images that i ran across. but the main image of the painting became the images of the Rose the Dragon and the Flamingo. i saw the dragon on a co workers arm. i was very stylized dragon tattoo. i made a quick sketch and walked away. the rose i saw standing in like at Costco. this lady had it again on her arm and for some reason it reminded me of the flowers in Gutav Klimts Paintings. i got back to the car with my purchases and drew the rose in the back of my receipt. Flamingos have been popping into my recent paintings. i love the line of the neck and that gorgeous beak so i added this one cause i want a flamingo Tattoo on my arm.

the whole image started developing as i watches some silly of the characters loves to lick tattoos so the idea of a bunch of head with their tongues sticking out seemed natural .

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